Frequently Asked Questions

Basic polished Vitrified tile available in the indian market made using the screen print technology.

  • Most cheapest vitrified
  • Less designs due to technology limitations
  • A thin layer of liquid silica is applied on vitrified to fill micro pores and to make it absolutely strain proof.

  • More shiny and smooth
  • Nano soluble salt also available
  • The thickness of the polished design on vitrified is 3 to 4 mm compared to soluble salt for very long life.

  • Very long life
  • Less designs due to technology limitations
  • The paint mixture is pre-added while making the title body to make sure the whole title remains of the same colour and texture even after heavy scratches pr chipping.

  • Heavy traffic areas application
  • Expensive compared to other tiles
  • The surface glazed and literally any design is printed on the tile body with the help of digital printing machines.

  • Print innumerable designs
  • Latest technology with Nano
  • Single layer of print surface